Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Transcription: Getting the last textures done for the Environments

The last few days continued to be all over the place, I don't mean this in a bad way though. Set modelling/ texturing environments/ some animation and rendering have taken place.
I finally set my mind that it will be impossible to finish the animation in the upcoming days, so I am taking a different strategy, instead of rushing all the way until the end. I will try to polish the work that I have so far , in terms of set modelling, props etc.  And generate less but better animation within my knowledge. (Indeed, I will be teaching myself throughout the holidays. Animator's Survival Kit all the way).
I'm taking this strategy not to show that I will produce less work for the last few days of this project,   but to have a solid pre-production/ production on this project, that will be in a final animation stage in a very close future. Therefore finished.
I want quality work throughout the overall project, and instead of rushing any set design, or texturing now.

But I guess is enough of "blah blah", and let's share some of the things I have been concentrating lately. As I said texturing as taken a lot of time s I have a few texture environments to show to show the amount of texturing I will add also the texture maps.

The Attic Hallway

Erich Zann Room

Although the room looks similar to the young man's one, I used even more printing shapes, heavy bold lines I was able to gather from my hand-made prints. and deliberately made them in direction to the window, indeed they will unconsciously lead the viewer to a side of the screen.

Lodge House Outside 

For this lodge house exterior, I emphasised again on the shapes, more irregular shapes carrying the creepiness of the environment, if you realise, the shapes here are also consciously placed in an order, they all directed to the window. A closer shot of the window is shown when the Young man sees the mysterious sight, therefore I want to directed the viewer to is reaction. and as if the black bold shapes are after the Young Man.

Continuing on the theory side, my next environment was the void, I had an interesting concept in mind, though I didn't know if it would work, I wanted to create a mechanism, in which it would create random shapes, therefore motion inside the void. 

Here is how it turned out: 

To note is the absence of any type of lighting, and that the animation of the void circles, are in some cases too fast. but it shows the mechanism working. It consists of 4 plates with different shapes carved on them, that when rotate create even more unexpected shapes, for the background I painted a mystical background, which at the moment seems already infinite. For the atmosphere   I will add lights pulsing as the same speed than plates movement, there fore create even more motion and atmosphere.

Finally as promised are the maps of the textures, I will just upload the colour ones, but all the maps had similar bump map also. 
Erich Zann Room Details

Erich Zann Room 

Attic Hallway

Lodge House Exterior


Oops, this turned out to be a longer post than expected, I should have advised in the beginning. 

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