Monday, 14 March 2011

Transcription: Young Man Final Facial Rigging- Blendshapes

Today, I spent sometime sculpting some blend-shapes and finalising the facial rigging for the 2 characters. which was my aim last task for this week, so they would be ready to start animate next week.

the process was fairly straightforward, I had to create duplicated faces and sculpt them as the faces I pretended, when I had a good set of them I could connect them back to the original move create a control which I am able to easily keyframe for animation.

Here is the set of faces I have produced:

Raise                                       Angry 

Awe                                           Whistle


Note that this is just the eyebrow sculpting, this and more expressions can be created by moving the jaw or to mix this.

I have also created a quick test animation to show the emotions working: 

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