Friday, 18 March 2011

Transcription: Young Man Final Turnaround

Lately, I have been working on different things on the same day, from beginning to animate (later to be posted), to finalising he character texturing, finalising the prop modelling and getting some environments out, it has been a wrestling few days.
Though many things are going fine, animation will take its time but I am enjoying it. Texturing the characters is going great, with help of Alan I was able to get a nice wrinkle effect on Erich Zann, I will post it later, and the rest is getting shape also.

I was able to finish texturing young man character pretty quick and decided to render the final version of the turnaround. I have also rendered out an ambient occlusion pass to get a more 3D look, based on lighting.

So here it is:

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tutorphil said...

:D :D :D !!!

Keep going, Rubes!!!