Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Transcription: Young Man Character Fully Skinned

I carried on with the Character pipeline to get them ready to animate, next on the list was skinning. And after skinned 3 characters and a half on the last project, it has been a really fast process.
Skinning allows the mesh to be bound to the joints and there fore being able to tweak the geometry as it folds. A logical process in which you paint weights on the vertices to deform as you wish. I have to admit I prefer to use the component editor to paint the weights however if any part is more complicated I get the paint brush tool.

So here is the videos of the different parts of the body moving and and deforming normally as a human body would do.

Skinning- Head no Hair

Skinning- Head W/ Hair

Skinning- Torso & Arms

Skinning - Torso & Arms W/ Jacket

Skinning- Hands

Skinning- Legs & Shoes

Now onto the old Erich zann and to fix the viol.


tutorphil said...

well done, Rubes! He's alive! :D

Ruben Martins said...

Yeh! Indeed, cant wait to begin animate before still some rigging and facial rigging, when I do the eye controls he suddenly becomes pretty much like pinochio, scary!!!

Ruben Martins said...

Barathi, Here is the link. I have also found the pdf version.