Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Transcription: 3D Characters Initial Turnaround

Today, apart from doing some tests with cloth, I have been painting the map which will feature in the animation, and getting the characters ready for animation. Also I have been trying to create professionally a turnaround to display my characters.

Here is the the 2 turnarounds for the Different Characters, to note is the absence of a textured version, of the character something I have been working on. It was really funny to think as the character and pose them.

Erich Zann Turnaround

P.S: For the final turnaround I will have to re-render 10 extra frames in the end so the jiggle in the beginning provoked by the ncloth will disappear.

Young Man Turnaround

I have to say that tomorrow is the official day in which I will start animate, so posts related to animation may take a while to be uploaded though i will find some time to do, other subjects will be uploaded as normal.


tutorphil said...

wonderful! Really like the poses, and the gobo-lit background - and I love Erich Zann's spine - so knobbly. Well done, Rubes :D

JOLANTA said...

Damn these characters look great! Such a great work Ruben, honestly! :]