Thursday, 24 March 2011

Transcription: Animation Diary Entry *1

Being well into animating my short film at the moment, I decided to create a diary post with all the animation I have been doing throughout the day, this will be done for at least a week. Meanwhile tomorrow, I will be able to render some shots in uni so it is a battle against the time. Though no rushing is needed.

So here it goes today I have been animating the initial scenes inside the lodge house with the Young man. where he first hears the music. 

Firstly I animated the candle shot, in here the young man will blow the candle before he falls asleep.

Secondly, I was trying to merge the previously done walk cycle for the young man,  onto a scene. although it is still a bit jerky, I was able to get it working at some extent and with the ncloth bag working. for this shot I will have to tweak the animation and the gravity on the bag at the moment it is too jumpy.

Next came the falling asleep and listening for the first time the Music of Erich Zann shot.

Alongside those scenes I have set up all the minor cameras and animations which will be used between these shots. Such as the extreme-close up of the eye opening and the ear shot. 

more updates will come tomorrow, Keep tuned!! 

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tutorphil said...

slowly, surely, your story comes to life... :D :D :D