Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Transcription: Prop Bag Cloth Simulation

Lately, I have been testing how to achieve different dynamics in different props. Here is the bag that the young man will be carrying around, in the beginning and in the middle of the animation.

After checking some tutorials on internet I found one which consisted in creating a bag with marbles inside.  howver I dont want marbles inside my bag, I dont want to have a mass inside the bag which will create volume so the bag doesn't collapse. after I created a dummy bag which held the marbles inside, by selecting to some of the top vertices I constrain it to a curve and voila!

 I have a bag which moves around and collides with objects.

Here is a quick test:

I dont know if this method of doing the bag is correct, but surely gave me the effect desired. I will be asking Alan to suggest on this on how to create a candle flame.

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