Sunday, 20 March 2011

Transcription: Initial Animation- Walk cycle

Here it goes the first post about animation, last few days I have been doing a bit here and there of animation, but also coping with the rest of the work that still needs to be done.
With the initial map scene set-up ready for some camera animation and then render. I started animate the young man.

Firstly, with the aid of the Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams, I started to create a walk cycle for the Young Man. As you can see the initial walk cycle is to jumpy, it looks somehow that is going up the stairs ( useful !! :) ) Note that is not polished, and still jerky in places.

Though for a more normal walk cycle in which the character will move from one place to another I felt that it should be less bumpy when moving the feet forward . So based on the down pose walk cycle by Art Babbit, I tried to recreate a more natural and less jumpy walk, by moving the not so high from the floor.

Here is the initial cycle, though it still looks too stiff, So I will revisit it later and try to soft him down.

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