Monday, 14 March 2011

Transcription: Erich Zann Final Facial Rigging- Blendshapes

Knowing that my characters wont have any dialogue, I didn't have to create any visemes blend-shapes for the characters, though the eyebrows will play a lot of importance conveying the expressions.

So after finishing the young man I have moved onto Erich Zann, I really like this character and this sculpting was a lot of fun to do. by doing the same process mentioned on the previous post I sculpted the extra heads and then connected them back.

Here are the faces sculpted: ( note that each eyebrow was made separately for a full control on the expressions)

Angry                                         Mad


Additional Jaw movement will be added to emphasise and create different expressions.

Once again, I have create a quick test animation showing the controls, expressions, etc.

Finally, a few days back I found the problem that the NCloth would not follow the overall mesh after the character being rigged. Interesting enough, it was not needed any online help to solve the problem, sitting down and thinking a bit about the case I was able to find the solution. And it was simpler than I thought. I just needed to parent the Ncloth group under the Main so the cloth will follow the mesh preserving the constraints, presets, etc.

Here is a picture of the solution:

And funny enough when you move the mesh around and you continue your playblast the ncloth creates a really interesting effect.

Already senile and now becoming slightly pervert, poor old Erich Zann.

Ready to be textured and animated :)

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