Monday, 7 March 2011

Transcription: Viol Modelled and W/ Controls

So I began to model the most important prop in the whole animation, the Viol. Indeed, it is so important that Im treating it as another character, because it will be the vehicle to create some of the weirdest music ever played, and will have a lot of animation in it. So based on its turn around, I model it. I have to say it was fun to do this model maybe due to its irregularity.

I have took some time to layout  it UVs, so it is ready to be textured.

One last thing I did, was create controls. Based on my previous test of how to animate a string, I used the same method for the strings on the viol and also for the bow. Here is a small test animation of the viol moving the strings.

One problem that I found, and I will ask Alan tomorrow for some help, is when I move the overall group with the viol mesh and the controls, the strings have offsets. I would think maybe is a question of grouping, I will ask tomorrow.


tutorphil said...

very nice!

Ruben Martins said...

It was working until I moved the overall viol. but after speaking to alan, he mentioned a different way of doing it and so far it can move !! :) Also I will have a dummy one that he wil be carrying around and then the controls one will appear for the scenes it needs to.