Saturday, 5 March 2011

Transcription: Young Man Fully Modelled

Having the 2 pieces of body parts modelled I piece them together, and tweaked the size accordingly. After I added some extra detail on the collar which was not initially there, I have also originally built the waistcoat and the shirt in different layers, when I will add  "wrap deformer" on the top layer. So it will deform with the underneath geometry. Lastly, I have used a MEL Script (DJ Rivet) suggested by Alan, So I could add buttons on the clothes and when deformed the buttons move also., definitely a really powerful tool strangely not featured on the original software.

If I knew about it for the Narrative Project :)

Young Man Fully Modelled 

Young Man Fully Modelled Top Part

This post might seem quite "techie", but in fact its is easier than it sounds.

Now left to do before I get into more complicated processes, is scale the characters, lay out the Uvs and place the joints, then Skinning and Rigging can take place.


Ruben Martins said...

Oops.. the eyebrows left the building I will add them now.

Ruben Martins said...

Found the problem, locators was of on the show menu, will update the pictures now.