Friday, 11 March 2011

Transcription: Young Man Body Rigged

For the past 2 days, I have been concentrating on rigging the characters. I have started by creating a Ik type of Rig for the legs, a straightforward process showed to us in the tutorials. The spine is of FK Type, so it doesn't have a bending control, Ethan gave me some feedback on the last project, mentioning that FK Spine maybe is better used for specific occasions. And the arms are a mixture of the 2 rigs blended together onto 1 arm. This process was used on the last project, however as my tasks was mainly skinning I didn't have the chance to see how it would work. 
Though, yesterday I spent trying to figure out the process, and I have to say it is fairly straight forward. Though it open a lot of opportunities for small mistakes that can have drastic consequences when animating. 
After creating 1 arm for about 4 times, I found the solution in a tutorial by Peter Anderson, a Senior Artist with Turbine/Warner Brothers games, which can be found on here.

This type of rig is ideal if you have a character doing different types of motion, for instance IK rigs are better for motions like grabbing, holding, leaning on objects. While FK rigs are better for walks and runs. 

In my animation both types of motion will happen, so it is a perfect choice to animate with.

Here is the character body rigged and tested: 

FK Arm Rig

IK Arm Rig

These time used doing research and tutorials, to solve the problems can be frustrated, but it will help later.


Jordan Buckner said...

Hey Ruben,

It's looking great and the IK arm rig is something that should make things a lot easier when animating. I don't really need them for my own animation this time round but do you have any more info on them? It is something I definitely want to use in the future. :)

Ruben Martins said...

Hi Jordan, Sorry For the late reply! I was so drawn into finish rigging Erich Zann's mode.

The link on the post shows the tutorial to setup the switch but it also explains how to create a FK Arm and an IK Arm. IK Arm is simple, just like the Leg IK we create all the time.

the second part of the video is also important because it allows to create a wrist lock which is really helpful for animation.

Next on the list is try to get a more intuitive Rig looking., just like the guy on the tutorial, he has really cool indicators and controls.