Saturday, 26 March 2011

Transcription: Animation Diary Entry *2

Wanting to have some of the delayed tasks up to date I havent spent much time animating, though I can say that so far the scene inside the young man apartment is almost full animated, I just need the scene in which the young man can't sleep and the one he gets inside the room. Something I will spend some time tonight to animate. Meanwhile, here is the animated scenes I have so far.

Note that they are not rendered, or even textured in this videos.

Firstly is the close-up eye scene, it appears shortly the young man falls asleep, and when the young man firstly realises the music that is being played upstairs. This shot is really quick and it will jump onto a fast cutting montage of shots.

Following is the animation on the ceiling that despite the music don't have any physical power it will be used just to emphasise its weirdness and strength. 

After I animated the sceptical face of the young man, when he realises the strangeness of the song. letting him curious about the knowing the player behind such weird music.

Following is the clock animation, I have shot the 2 clock animation together which then i will take into After Effects and slice them accordingly. on the first animation we just see the clock hitting 12 at night. and the second animation shows the camera fast cutting as the clock jumps from 12 to 1 to 2 in the morning, having the symbolism that the hours passed and passed and he listened. 

Finally I have also animated the last shot f this sequence, which will lead the to characters meet the following day. It is a camera movement from the apartment window, to the moon lit sky. Once again this scene emphasises time. 

Updates will come as soon as possible!

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tutorphil said...

I really like the design of the chandelier and the apartment building - with the ink splashes etc. I get a sense that you're own excitement is building now; you've accomplished a huge amount creatively these past 8 weeks. I wish you a glitch-free final push!