Saturday, 5 March 2011

Transcription: Viol Strings Maya Tests

To take a break from the character pipeline work, I went on a hunt for problem solving. Knowing that in my short film, I will have close-ups of the viol being played, I wanted to find a way of creating the strings, and make them behave just like the real world.

Firstly, I thought I could maybe try to create the string as a piece of cloth and then use ncloth on the mesh and make the instrument played in which touches the strings a collider. So every-time it would touch it and the strings would deform.
Although the theory worked, the results was far from what I was expecting., the string just become to deform inside out, and getting weird shapes.

A bit of trial error.

However after searching online for solutions, I came across with a process that despite giving more work to do, as I have to animate the strings separately. it will give me much more control. So as I animate the hand or stick touching the strings I will have to animate the strings also.
This process requires to create the mesh string just like in the Ncloth example, then create a curve with a start, end and vibration point and then use the Wire tool to connect the two. For better control, I added a cluster in the centre and later a control so it would be easier to select and animate the string.

Here is a quick test of this method:

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