Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Transcription: Erich Zann Extra Face Modelling

After getting my animatic up to a more resolved animation. I decided to carry on with modelling the characters. This week I have spoken to Alan about modelling the extra face for Erich Zann, a face which shows Erich Zann in this insane, dead, still mode.
As the face will not move and will be shown for a couple of seconds, Alan suggested for me to model the variation.
So I took on that advice and began modelling from the original face, although a variation the face still has to belong to the same character.

Before                                             After

This face will not have any controls, or rigs, and it will be added onto the body on that shot only. therefore I could add more detail and irregularity onto the geometry, any further detail will also be added in texturing.

Having the base mesh, pretty much done I added some more edge loops and then took it onto Zbrush. yes, you heard well, the first time I have stepped into the world of modelling in Zbrush. Although confused with the interface, it was a enjoyable journey. I was able to add more detail onto character. However this time around I just used as the same then the sculpt geometry tool in Maya, as I didnt want to divide geometry endlessly and add more detail and then not knowing how to export it back. Something that later was understood and then used in the next model.

Yes, I enjoyed working so much Zbrush that I returned to create the foam out of Erich Zann's mouth, though this time I divided the mesh once and was able to create more detail and irregularity.

Surely, I will be using this program more often. Though because of the time on this project, wont be just now.

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JOLANTA said...

wow! now I see what you were talking about.