Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Transcription:Erich Zann Face Modelling Details and Ncloth Simulation

Today, I had my 5th tutorial with Alan and once again i presented a shopping list of technical questions related with  modelling the characters. When I showed my model he said I should work on the topology, and correct it where needed. Also I have asked how i could add some more details onto the old man's face without messing up the model.
So after his tips I had a go in getting more details for the character's face. 

Before                                                          After 


Definitely a big improvement, as now you can see better the ageing and character. more details will be added in the texturing stage, details such as eye wrinkles and liver spots,  etc .


Alongside this, I have also corrected the geometry on the body and did some tests with cloth on my character. At the moment as the character don't have any joints to constraint the cloth, it just falls. Later, skinning will solve this problem , though a good test to see how cloth can simulate. 

Ooops!  Erich Zann

Meanwhile, the latest version of the animatic is on its way. Yesterday I found myself editing some of the music, and the animatic will be uploaded later today. 


Ethan Clements said...

This is testimony to the kind of standard hard work can produce, keep it up bud, its looking great! :)

Ruben Martins said...

Thanks Ethan,

your Cathedral is looking awesome as well, a lot of depth, scale and athmosphere with the chosen camera angle.!!