Sunday, 6 March 2011

Transcription: 3D Characters UV mapped

So after the models being modelled and scaled, I began UV Mapping them. A really easy process, which can become quite tricky in situations. This process will allow me to take the UV maps onto photoshop and texture the characters.

An essential step to upgrade the look of your characters.

Erich Zann - UV Map

Young Man- UV Map

Erich Zann Insane Head - UV Map

And now I will get into more "techie" territories, joint placements (Skeleton), rigging and skinning.

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tutorphil said...

You're steaming through these techie tasks, Rubes - I always love these 'nets' as images - those flattened, rolled-out faces. I'm looking forward to seeing these characters come to life - and now the animatic is suitably dynamic, you can move on with confidence.